Guidelines in request for temporary card
Guidelines in request for temporary card
These are guidelines in request for, supplementation, modification of visas, extension of temporary card.
Vietnam Visa: For foreigners (FRN), the Vietnam settled abroad (overseas Vietnamese - OVS) investing, trading, working, studying, traveling, visiting relatives ... staying in Vietnam.
1. 01 applications for new visa, supplement, modification of visa, extension of temporary residence (form N14) by the Immigration Administration issued (certified by the agency, sponsoring organization. Cases of visiting relatives, certified by the Wards Police).
2. Original passport, visa, immigration bill.
3. 01 copy (with original for comparison) of the papers to prove the purpose of stay in Vietnam (depending on specific cases to submit suitable documents like the license of business establishment, license of investment, permission of the establishment of representative offices, work permission, certificate of board members, branches of foreign companies, registration of marriage, birth certificate...).
04 working days after receiving complete and valid dossiers.
* In case of FRN, OVS having temporary residence card at one province but working in other localities, needs, supplement, modification of visa, extension of temporary residence, the Immigration Department of the province  with woking place hold the responsibility.
* The valid period of visa is at least 01 month shorter than that of passports.

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