Required Document For Visa Application
What will you have to prepare for application visa to Vietnam? You are surely save time with full required information for visa application.


Please, prepare all document below before apply for visa to Vietnam:

- Vietnam Visa declarative application (you can collect the form at the Vietnam representative offices at your country or download here)

- 02 photos (4 cm x 6 cm)

- A Valid passport or alternative document (valid at least a month longer than the duration of the visa issuance)

- Visa issuance fee (except for exempt). Check for visa stamp fee here.

- Send all documents to Vietnam consulate or embassy or relative agencies at your country for application.

Notes:  Check for Vietnam consulate and embassy here.

Vietnam visa on arrival, Vietnam visa


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Note: Our rate is not included $25.00 stamping fees ( 01 month single visa ).

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