Visa Exemption for Vietnamese People Residing Abroad
Visa Exemption for Vietnamese People Residing Abroad
Vietnamese residing abroad can now be back to Vietnam with visa exemption

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Vietnam Visa:  More   than 3.2 million Vietnamese are currently living and working in more   than 100 countries and territories in the world. Regardless of where   they currently reside, all the sons and the daughters of the Vietnamese   nation are long to one day return to their motherland to reunite with   family, friends and loved ones.
In understanding the Vietnamese community abroad as inseparable sections   of the Vietnamese nation, Resolution 36-NQ/TW of the CPV Politburo on   overseas Vietnamese affairs was proposed “to create favorable conditions   for overseas Vietnamese to come back, visit their homeland and   relatives, and worship their ancestors”.    In carrying out Resolution 36-NQ/TW, during his official visit to the   United States of America, President Nguyen Minh Triet, at a meeting with   overseas Vietnamese, announced Decision No. 135/2007/QĐ-TTg, the   Regulations on Visa Exemption for Vietnamese People Residing Abroad.    Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dzung signed Decision No. 135/2007/QĐ-TTg on   17/08/2007.    For all Vietnamese residing abroad to clearly understand the new policy   and to also assist them with the application process, the Ministry of   Foreign Affairs has provided on-line access to valuable up-to-date   information.    For all Vietnamese people residing overseas, we at  are pleased to provide you with a link to The   Ministry of Foreign Affairs office.  All information is provided in both   Vietnamese and English languages’.  Please go to:

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