Guidelines in making the dossiers
Guidelines in making the dossiers for resident card | Vietnam visa on arrival
This article direct foreigners how to make dossiers for temporary residence card with three steps as below.

Vietnam Visa Guidelines:

A. Eligible cases for temporary residence card:

1. Foreigner who is a member of a limited liable company with two members or more;
2. Foreigner who owns a limited liability company with one member;
3. Foreigner who is a member in the Board of a joint-stock company;
4. Foreign lawyer who has been licensed by Ministry of Justice to practice law in Vietnam as stipulated by law;
5. Foreigner with working permission document, working in various kinds of foreign enterprises, representative offices of foreign companies.
6. Professional, student, trainee, who is working, learning in programs and na tional projects signed between the ministries approved by the government.
7. Relatives (father, mother, wife, husband, children under 18) of the granting residence card person.

B. Procedur es for temporary residence card:


1. 01 written request for temporary residence card (N5A form.), declaration information of the foreigner who requests temporary residence card (form N5B), with photos (attached 02 photos sized 3x4 cm).
2. 01 copy of passport or visa which is still valid, immigration bills (bring the original for comparison).
3. 01 copy (bring the original for comparison) of legal records of the sponsoring agency or sponsoring organization of the person who is requesting temporary residence card, depending on specific cases to file documents such as: License Established business, investment certificates, certificates of registration of business, licenses for the establishment of representative office...
4. 01 copy of working permission document (bring the original for comparison) for cases to have a working permission.
5. Cases with relatives must submit proofed document of the relationship such as: birth certificates, marriage registration, family book ....
6. Such proof of temporary residence address as: the police certified stay, certification of buildings, offices, ....


1. Time limit for temporary residence card:
1.1. Temporary residence card for a period of one to three years.
1.2. The duration of the temporary residence card is at least 01 months shorter than the duration of the passport.
1.3. No temporary residence card for person with passport valid period less than a year.
2. Fee: 1-year term: 60USD, from 1 year to 2 years: 80 USD; from 2 years to 3 years: 100 USD (payment by the Vietnamese dong)

III. PERIOD OF RECEIVING RESULT: 04 working days from receipt of complete documents (except for REPLACING card LOST)

IV. Use of temporary residence card:

1. Temporary card holder must comply with the contents of the note (clearly specified on the temporary residence card), a full declaration of temporary residence. Agency who guarantees for granting temporary residence card shall have responsibilities in the guaranteed period, return the temporary residence card to Immigration agency when the job ended, the person return home country...
2. Case of residence cards lost.

When you get your residence card lost, you must immediately notify the card issuing agency. The procedure is the same as brand new granting one but must be with 01 document expressing reason of the loss. Result receipt period is 14 working days.

C. Notice when filling dossiers:

+ N5A Model:
- Name of organization: Specify the name in the license
- Headquarters: Specify the house number, street, ward, district
- Telephone number: Telephone number of agencies, the sponsoring organization
- Number: The number of documents held by releasing agencies, with item numbers (document No. ... ... dated ... / .... / ... Of ....) (2) information of the declaration about foreigner issueing temporary residence card (form N5B)

+ Sample N5B:
- on entry: Record date of entry nearest to the date on the exit and entry form.

Hanging signed and overlapping stamped on the photo on declarations N5B follow the instructions by the guarantor.

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