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New stamp fees for visas to Vietnam

Accordingly, the new fees applied from the date 1st Jan 2013, being increased from 15US$ to 20US$ due to type of visa.

Detailing The Implementation

We would like introduce you the detailed Implementation Of The Ordinance On Entry, Exit and Residences in Vietnam which you can find yourself suit in what condition.


Vietnam has two types of border crossings -- international and local,(1) Moc Bai (Vietnam) to Bavet (Cambodia) is the longest established.

Required Document For Visa Application

What will you have to prepare for application visa to Vietnam? You are surely save time with full required information for visa application.

Visa Exemption for Vietnamese People Residing Abroad

Vietnamese residing abroad can now be back to Vietnam with visa exemption

Regulation On Foreigners Entry Into, Exit From, And Residence In Phu Quoc Island

Regulation On Foreigners' Entry Into, Exit From, And Residence In Phu Quoc Island Kien Giang Province. Under this regulation, traveler wll not need visa reqired for visit Phu Quoc Island - Vietnam in 15 days.

General information of Vietnam travelers need to know

These are essential information travelers need to know to have a perfect trip in Vietnam

List of Vietnam Embassies

The following table of Vietnamese Embassies may help you in getting visa from Vietnam Embassy in your own country by taking the application form, manually filling it, submit to the Embassy and wait serveral days until you get it at the Embassy.

Vietnam border crossings

You can get your visas at following border gates

Guidelines in making the dossiers

This article direct foreigners how to make dossiers for temporary residence card with three steps as below.

Guidelines in request for temporary card

These are guidelines in request for, supplementation, modification of visas, extension of temporary card.

Guidelines for Permanent Residence Card

These are guidelines for foreigners to get permanent residence card

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